Heated demand meets ice cold solution

B-Built started operating in the world of cold store logistical facilities in 2008. Back then, it was a relatively small market in the sense that the demand for new facilities wasn’t that high. But that has changed, and the demand has increased.
New projects are generally driven by cities growing and pushing out older logistical facilities towards large industrial areas. We also see consolidation of traditional and smaller storage facilities into large central storage hubs. So, an ever-growing population, and a change in consumer behaviour which has led to a need for more efficient storage facilities keeps the world of storage logistics busy.
That’s which area of expertise B-Built has been focussing on all along. Since its founding, the company has built an impressive amount of cold store warehouses in Western Europe.
The world continues to change, and we’re proud to be able to follow and accommodate that evolution.


The only way is up

Did you know that besides the continued push in demand of cold store warehouses, there’s another driving force to the growing need of cold store facilities? 
Cold store warehouses are scattered all across Europe, however, a lot of them are old, out-dated and not working efficiently. As a result, many of these facilities are not able to face up to the demanding requirements of today’s distribution needs anymore. Perishable goods go to waste, energy is lost, and businesses lag behind. 
That’s why, we at B-Built, are ready to rebuild these warehouses, restore them to their prior glory and upgrade them with the latest state-of-the-art technology. We do so by opting for building and rebuilding vertically – to both increase capacity and implement advanced automation. All while keeping the building’s footprint as small as possible. 
In our opinion, the only way forward is up. And we’re sure many will start to follow our train of thought in the upcoming years. Building vertically will allow these buildings to have the highest efficiency rate, while simultaneously conserving land and leaving more space for natural resources to grow.


Did you know that there's a whole world to explore underneath the skin of our facilities?

Most of our partners operate within the world of logistics. They know better than anyone that perishable goods, such as food and medicine, must be handled with the utmost care and thus be preserved under specific conditions. That is why a lot of the people we work with rely on automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS). And there’s no better place for AS/RS than our custom-built facilities.

Installing and working with these automated systems means less waste of energy. After all, an automated system does not have to enter nor exit refrigerated areas of a facility, like people do. This automatically translates to better working environments for employees as well.
Improved traceability in an automated system also makes these types of systems a logical choice in today’s day and age. And on top of that, AS/RS reduces the waste of perishable good thanks to their speedy handling time, packaging, storage, and shipping.

With our buildings we support the long-term vision of our clients and we help them to operate more sustainably. The era of boring brick buildings is in the past, at B-Built design and productivity go hand in hand. B-Built builds more.